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Daily post Writing Challenge: A lost Art



Contemplation is a lost art.

I was never really good at it to begin with, that kind of sitting around watching the grass grow, but I think it is necessary for children and grown-ups too. A few minutes of boredom, especially boredom surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature feeds the imagination. I find this is true every time I weed the garden- a mundane and boring task with no flashing lights, music or facebook notifications. Yet when I weed my mind goes off into some creative space and I come away inspired with new writing material.

Today’s children have no room for boredom. Every spare minute is filled- if not with activities then computers, tablets and smartphones incessantly demanding not only their time but their whole conscious mind.

Could it be why depression is so prevalent?

Our minds need to wander:  observing the minutae of an insect or a flower or doing a repetitious task allows reflection.  Our spirits need to meditate without distraction; to think on the grace and mercy of God for instance, which will take forever. Even our bodies need a break from cramped muscles and our vision rest from flickering images.

Time to go stare at the clouds and trees……Ahhhh.

Author: Rose Scott

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