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Truth and Reconciliation




Port Alberni Residential School

Today the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission,” met to release and discuss their report on what has been revealed to be our national shame.

I confess that for most of my life I didn’t know many first nations people or much about residential schools. I lived with my family and attended a school that I could (thankfully) come home from every day.

Over the years, in my travels, I have passed through communities where paint was peeling off the houses and the grass was unkempt. Old washing machines adorned front yards.  “A reserve,” we’d say, shaking our heads and following up with words like “lazy” and “entitled.”

I passed judgement on people I didn’t even know.

Jesus knew the inclination of our callous hearts when He said, “Do not judge or you too will be judged.”

Today that judgment has fallen on our country, as one by one our first peoples have quietly shared their stories of pain, of families ripped apart, systemic abuse and a culture in tatters.

The truth has been told. Sadness and despair has voices and faces we cannot ignore. I am sorry for your pain. I realize it is time for attitudes to change, beginning with mine.

May the path to reconciliation and healing begin.



Author: Rose Scott

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