Rose Seiler Scott

Rose Seiler Scott, Author

The Rambling Rose

Author: Rose Seiler Scott

I am a work in progress, a believer in God's grace and a recipient of his gifts.
I write, dream, think and share with others.

About Rose

Hi, I’m Rose. Welcome to my blog. Grab a cup of tea and I’ll tell you a bit about myself.

I am the author of “Threaten to Undo Us” which is due for release May 1, 2015. I am also a contributing writer to “Hot Apple Cider with Cinnamon,” due out September.
I live in Surrey, BC with my husband and our two youngest who aren’t really children anymore. Until our daughter was born, I was the lone feminine voice in a crowd of loud and louder, but the older two are married, which nicely evens the male-female ratio when everyone comes to dinner.
I knew when I was about ten I wanted to be a writer, but life being what it is, I sort of forgot for a few years and did stints as a bookkeeper, piano teacher and PAC President at my kids’ school.

I never really stopped writing, if you count church newsletters, parent advisory council minutes and raving letters to the editor. But what really brought me back was the compulsion to tell a story, a complex, but compelling tale that has unfolded over the course of many years.
Some of this blog will be about the book process and history. But, since my mind goes in many occasionally you will find random things,  ‘cuz this is my sandbox. If you want to play too, feel free to comment. But please be tolerant of my spelling and polite. I am Canadian.
I am also a Christ-follower and a student of God’s Word. My Christian worldview will colour my perspective; I sincerely hope in a gracious and God-honouring sort of way.
In between writing, I like to sing, read, scrapbook, play the piano and bike ride.